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Get faked is one of the first specialized spray tanning salons in australia.

today spray tanning is endorsed by models and celebrities worldwide. it's the hottest and most trusted method of getting a tan, and get faked are the resident experts!

using the latest products, tools and techniques, the get faked staff can give you a natural-looking, all-over tan in 10 minutes. we supply a specific range of the best spray tanning solutions from around the world so you'll get the best result for your skin type and color.

unlike most beauty salons and solariums which offer only one brand of spray tan, get faked offers a range of the most popular tans from around the world so we can make sure you get the tan that will best suit your features and complexion.

Avoid sunburn, ageing and skin cancer caused by the sun and solariums.

Getting faked is quick, easy and looks just like a real tan. a spray tan makes you look slimmer, can disguise cellulite and make you look more toned.

It makes you look healthier and feel sexier, making you more confident so you get more out of life!

Our spray tans will never make you look orange!!